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Anonymous asked:

I am seeing something on my dash about a woman named Zoe Quinn. Seriously, she's all over the place. Some people are talking shit about her and other people defend her? Who is she? What has she done? What's going on?


I’ll tell you what I know, in tl;dr format:

>Group starts contest for women who want to make games
>Winners of first contest get free concept art
>Concept art would get spread on social media
>most popular concept would get made into game
>Winner would get 8% royalties, all other profits would go to charity

Queue Zoe Quinn’s entrance

>Zoe Quinn says that the contest is “oppressive”
>Sends hate tweets to the contest holders
>Gets at least one of them doxxed
>Gets her “gaming journalist” friends to write bad articles about the contest
>Zoe Quinn makes her own “game”
>Essentially not a game at all
>It’s a game about Depression
>People criticize her portrayal of depression
>She says she’s being harassed
>Says she’s being trolled/harassed by wizardchan (an imageboard dedicated to basically nothing but Disney)
>More “gaming journalists” write articles for her
>Same “journalists” give positive reviews for her game
>Her game somehow gets through Steam Greenlight

Queue Zoe Quinn’s (ex)boyfriend

>Ex-bf makes a blog
>blog is literally nothing but one post
>Explains a bunch of horrible shit she did relationship-wise
>Turns out she cheated on him
>with like 5 people
>one of whom was married
>oh, and they were all those “gaming journalists” giving her good reviews and defending her
>Fancy that

>Somebody makes a video criticizing Zoe Quinn and her behavior
>She gets it taken down for copyright claims
>Video used nothing but a still image
>A still image that was all over the internet already
>In other words the copyright claim was bullshit

>Then InternetAristocrat makes a video, released yesterday, and shit has proceeded to continue blowing up since then.

There ya go anon, hope that helped. Just know that anyone attempting to defend her is nothing but a white knight. She is indefensible, much like Anita Sarkeesian.

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